No matter how routinely you work out or what your level of fitness may be, there are times when you experience sore muscles after a workout, activity, or after getting things done around the house. If you are struggling with stiff and sore muscles, Apollo Essentials offers our CBD muscle recovery solution.

RECOVER is our topical salve that contains CBD oil for muscle recovery. Used after any type of activity or workout or whenever sore muscles are a problem, this is the ideal CBD post-workout product. When applied to the muscles after exercise or activity, this CBD fitness recovery salve provides a cooling, soothing, and regenerative impact that relieves pain and soreness.

Does CBD Help Muscle Soreness and Muscle Recovery?

CBD is good for muscles, particularly when blended with sweet almonds, jojoba, coconut, and hemp seed oils. To give it a great smell as the best CBD for before or after a workout, we also add beeswax, mango oil, and lemongrass essential oil.

Research shows that CBD for muscle pain is fact acting. Our CBD cream for muscle soreness can be used at any time and in combination with our CBD oils and tinctures.

Keep in mind, that when using CBD for fitness, adding tinctures and oils taken orally can help with reduced inflammation and healing. Using CBD for muscle relaxation can also help with sleep in addition to the benefits of using CBD for athletic recovery.

Each person responds differently to CBD muscle relief solutions. When determining how much CBD is for muscle recovery, start with small amounts and increase the amount used if necessary. To find out more about our products for CBD for workout recovery, email us at