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Provide Natural Relief With Hemp Cream For Muscle Pain

One of the most popular products we offer, our CBD for muscle pain comes in a topical formulation that is easy to use at any time. This hemp cream for muscle pain has a wonderful texture that is creamy and rich, quickly absorbing into the skin with a gentle massage.

Many of our customers across the US use RECOVER as their go-to CBD for muscle recovery. It is ideal to use after a workout. Rub a small amount of the CBD muscle relief cream onto the affected area and let it soak into the skin. The formulation not only provides muscle and joint stiffness and pain relief, but it also helps to reduce inflammation and hydrate and soothe the skin’s surface.

The Use of RECOVER

As a post-workout cream, rub a small amount of RECOVER into the skin over muscles and joints. We use only the best quality cannabinoids and essential oils in this product, and a small amount is all that is needed. It can be applied as often as needed, and it is a great addition to your bedtime self-care routine to aid in muscle recovery.

RECOVER is also an ideal choice as your go-to CBD for inflammation after a busy day of doing chores. It also contains the best hemp oil for pain if you are feeling stiff and sore the next day after exercise or activities.

Ingredients in RECOVER also include lemongrass, sweet almond oil, mango butter, and Jojoba oil, providing a wonderful yet subtle fragrance that is very different from the overpowering menthol odors of some creams that are designed for use after workouts.

RECOVER is our cooling, therapeutic, and regenerative recovery salve. It is fantastic for any type of soreness or inflammation after a tough workout or long day at work. Has a fantastic texture and smell courtesy of ingredients like beeswax, coconut, jojoba, and lemongrass. Our best-selling topical.

Cannabinoids: CBD (300mg) + CBC (25mg) + CBG (12mg)

Accompanied by: Sweet Almond Oil + Beeswax + Coconut Oil + Hemp Seed Oil + Mango Butter + Jojoba Oil + Hemp Extract + Lemongrass Essential Oil

This product comes in a 2oz jar. We only use premium cannabinoids and all-natural ingredients in our products. 


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