REST is our best-selling evening dose of premium hemp extract. Designed to be used in the evenings a few hours before bedtime. For this formula we added complementary pieces like terpenes, Melatonin, MCT oil and a touch of peppermint. REST will quickly guide you to a deep and healthy, uninhibited state of sleep.  

1000mg CBD + MCT oil from coconuts + Plant Terpenes + Melatonin (1oz).

We only use premium cannabinoids and all-natural ingredients in our products. 

The presence of MCT oil means your tincture may naturally change color to a gorgeous shade of pink. 

98.00 USD


Use a Full Drop

Drop under tongue or swish around mouth for 10 seconds before swallowing. Works great in your tea or coffee.

Wait & Assess

Go about your day or night and assess how you feel after 30 minutes. Feel free to take another dose if necessary.

Consistency Is Key

Take the product at the same time daily for the first two weeks.

Check Your Vibe

Take notice of how you feel and adjust dosage if necessary.

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