RESTORE is a cannabinoid-rich, hydrating body oil that is perfect for dryness, inflammation, or almost any type of skin impurity. This product is perfect for that post-shower glow up, but also extremely effective for healing purposes. Cannabinoids are truly one of the most miraculous healers of the body. 


Cannabinoids: CBD (200mg) + CBC (16mg) + CBG (8mg)

Accompanied by: Lavender + Bergamot + Frankincense + Hemp Extract + Sunflower + Capric + Sweet Almond + Evening Primrose + Jojoba Oil

This product comes in a 2oz bottle. We only use premium cannabinoids and all-natural ingredients in our products. 

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Use a Full Drop

Drop under tongue or swish around mouth for 10 seconds before swallowing. Works great in your tea or coffee.

Wait & Assess

Go about your day or night and assess how you feel after 30 minutes. Feel free to take another dose if necessary.

Consistency Is Key

Take the product at the same time daily for the first two weeks.

Check Your Vibe

Take notice of how you feel and adjust dosage if necessary.

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